#13 Kevin Harte

This week’s guest is Kevin Harte, and no it’s not the one your thinking of, not yet at least.He is someone I grew up with and know from school. Kevin is currently a final year conmerce international student in UCC. He recently finished an internship in KPMG, which we will get into throughout the episode.Throughout […]

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# 12 – Kevin McTiernan

This week’s guest is Kevin McTiernan. He is currently an enterprise Architect.Kevin has extensive experience in Data & Analytics particularly in being a leader & developing products & managing large scale projects.Kevin is passionate about creating value for the business by harnessing structured frameworks & data driven solutions in order to produce actionable insights.Kevin has […]

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#11 -Sudha Rao – Engineering, Project management & the lessons learned

This week’s guests is Sudha Rao.Sudha is a Senior validation engineer who has nearly 10 years of experience in the biomedical & pharmaceutical industry.He predominantly works with equipment that manufactures medical devices & healthcare products.Currently he is working on a point of care diagnostic test for the HIV1  & HIV2 Retro virus.He has lots of experience […]

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Episode 10 – Daniele Di Tofano

This week’s guest is Daniel Di Tofano. He is a digital marketer, online fitness coach and an online entrepreneur. His personal Instagram which is @danieleditofano contains content about improving your life mainly by adopting a new mindset. Daniel is also the owner of several Instagram pages including @topgymtips & @physiotrition He dropped out from college […]

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Episode 9: Kyle Mullen

“I’m very positive in everything and I am eternally skeptical” This week’s guest is Kyle Mullen. Kyle is a Youtuber, Influencer, Sponsored Athlete & a personal trainer. He has competed in powerlifting competition on numerous occasions and currently holds the Irish Junior Record in his weight class. He has recently attended his first bodybuilding competition […]

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Episode 8 – Jack Spencer

“Don’t worry be happy, you can do it, you are good enough” This week’s Guest is Jack Spencer. Jack is currently a full time personal trainer and a online coach within Wexford’s leading personal training gym, ‘Focus – Health & Fitness’. You can find Jack Spencer on social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube […]

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Episode 7: David Owens

This week’s guest is a professional street musician, David Owens. David has been a street musician for over 6 years now. He previously worked as an Engineer but decided that his true passion is music & performing. He solely makes his living from busking, selling his music, and from playing at corporate events. David is […]

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