#20 – Alison Canavan – Wellness, Mindfulness and Listening to yourself

This week’s guest is Alison Canavan. Alison Canavan is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of neuroscience and human behaviour.She is an award winning author of wellness book “Minding Mum”, a health and wellness coach, Master NLP Practitioner and International motivational speaker. Having travelled the world as one of Ireland’s most successful international […]

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#19 – Joe O’Roibin – Achieving academic success

This week’s guest is Joe O’Roibin. He is currently a computer science student in NUIG. Although he is quite young he has achieved many things already particularly in the academic field. Some of his academic achievements include: 10 A’s in the Junior Certificate, 6 H1 and 1 H2 in the Leaving Certificate. Received multiple scholarships including: Noughton Scholarship, JP […]

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#18 – Jonathan McKnight – Project Management, Business Coaching & Leadership

This week’s guest is Jonathan McKnight. Jonathan is currently working as a Project Managment contractor along with being a business coach for major companies. He is passionate about Helping people, creating the right work environment and championing people. He has experience in numerous roles, including, running his own company , Team managers for Ulster Women’s Rugby  Team, […]

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#13 Kevin Harte

This week’s guest is Kevin Harte, and no it’s not the one your thinking of, not yet at least.He is someone I grew up with and know from school. Kevin is currently a final year conmerce international student in UCC. He recently finished an internship in KPMG, which we will get into throughout the episode.Throughout […]

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