#13 Kevin Harte

This week’s guest is Kevin Harte, and no it’s not the one your thinking of, not yet at least.He is someone I grew up with and know from school. Kevin is currently a final year conmerce international student in UCC. He recently finished an internship in KPMG, which we will get into throughout the episode.Throughout […]

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# 12 – Kevin McTiernan

This week’s guest is Kevin McTiernan. He is currently an enterprise Architect.Kevin has extensive experience in Data & Analytics particularly in being a leader & developing products & managing large scale projects.Kevin is passionate about creating value for the business by harnessing structured frameworks & data driven solutions in order to produce actionable insights.Kevin has […]

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#11 -Sudha Rao – Engineering, Project management & the lessons learned

This week’s guests is Sudha Rao.Sudha is a Senior validation engineer who has nearly 10 years of experience in the biomedical & pharmaceutical industry.He predominantly works with equipment that manufactures medical devices & healthcare products.Currently he is working on a point of care diagnostic test for the HIV1  & HIV2 Retro virus.He has lots of experience […]

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Seize the day!

As far as we know we only have one life to live. Each and everyone of us has only one single life to live, realize this, you are not coming back! We only have have this single life to achieve whatever we want to achieve, to do whatever we want, to have, to be…whatever we […]

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Episode 10 – Daniele Di Tofano

This week’s guest is Daniel Di Tofano. He is a digital marketer, online fitness coach and an online entrepreneur. His personal Instagram which is @danieleditofano contains content about improving your life mainly by adopting a new mindset. Daniel is also the owner of several Instagram pages including @topgymtips & @physiotrition He dropped out from college […]

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