#28 – Fred Curtis – World renowned artist

This week we are joined by the world renowned artist, Fred Curtis. Fred is a crystal glass cutter who has learned his craft at the world famous Waterford Crystal with a career that spans over 45 years. The list of celebrities & personalities that can place Fred’s work on their mantle piece is wide ranging and very impressive. Barrack Obama, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth, Mohammed Ali, Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Carter are just a few of these people.

When he was just a teenager he stumbled upon glass cutting by chance, he fell in love with the whole process and the rest is history. He started of by messing around and creating little animals and flowers from solid pieces of glass and when his colleagues found out what he could do, they started asking for pieces themselves. His expertise & skill grew as the years went on and he has created remarkable pieces of work such the shamrock bowl that was presented to Barrack Obama,  Awards for many occasions, such as the inductees of the world golf hall of fame, National Ploughing Championships, Formula One trophy, Tipperary international piece award, Miss America trophie and many others

In this episode we talk about his journey as an artist, his encounters with major celebrities, plans for the future and the lessons he has learned throughout his career. 

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